It was an unsurprising affair to see the usual suspects get nominated in the categories which they excelled at. What was surprising though was to see Damien Chazelle’s La La Land get the nod 14 times, tying Titanic and All About Eve for the most number of nominations for an Academy Award. No one ever thought it would happen, but La La Land made history.

With the snub of the much talked about Deadpool for the Best Picture nomination, it is clear that the Academy still hasn’t loosened up when it comes to superhero movies, let alone R-Rated ones. The first victim of such was Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight back in 2008.

The 2016 Oscars proved to be heavily politicized with the #OscarsSoWhite campaign on social media which championed for the inclusion of more nominees of colour. The Academy made the effort to diversify their pool of voters – there are now 41% people of colour in the Academy. That change proved to be very influential as there are more nominees of colour than ever before.

With that being said, don’t expect this year’s ceremony to be any less politicized following the verbal attack from Meryl Streep on Donald Trump’s presidency during her speech at the Golden Globes. I’m fully expecting more celebrities to speak out on the recent Muslim Ban and whatnot during their speeches.

There are some categories which I have excluded from this list due to various reasons: The films are unavailable in Singapore, I am not able to make any remotely intelligent comment about the nominees, or both –

Costume Design, Makeup and Hair, Documentary, Foreign Film, Animated Short, Documentary Short, Live Action Short.

Below are the list of nominees in their respective categories, together with our predictions of ‘Who will win’ and ‘Who should win’.


Best Picture

  • Arrival
  • Fences
  • Hacksaw Ridge
  • Hell or High Water
  • Hidden Figures
  • La La Land
  • Lion
  • Manchester by the Sea
  • Moonlight (Won)

What will win: La La Land has the edge, but don’t count Moonlight out just yet.

What should win: La La Land 


Best Director

  • Denis Villeneuve – Arrival
  • Mel Gibson – Hacksaw Ridge
  • Damien Chazelle – La La Land (Won)
  • Kenneth Lonergan – Manchester by the Sea
  • Barry Jenkins – Moonlight

Who will win: Damien Chazelle – La La Land

Who should win: Damien Chazelle – La La Land


Best Actor in a Leading Role

  • Casey Affleck – Manchester By The Sea (Won)
  • Andrew Garfield – Hacksaw Ridge
  • Ryan Gosling – La La Land
  • Viggo Mortensen – Captain Fantastic
  • Denzel Washington – Fences

Who will win: Casey Affleck – Manchester By The Sea

Who should win: Casey Affleck – Manchester By The Sea

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Best Actress in a Leading Role

  • Isabelle Huppert – Elle
  • Ruth Negga – Loving
  • Natalie Portman – Jackie
  • Emma Stone – La La Land (Won)
  • Meryl Streep – Florence Foster Jenkins

Who will win: Emma Stone – La La Land, but Isabelle Huppert and Natalie Portman are dark horses.

Who should win: Emma Stone – La La Land


Best Supporting Actor

  • Mahershala Ali – Moonlight (Won)
  • Jeff Bridges – Hell Or High Water
  • Lucas Hedges – Manchester By The Sea
  • Dev Patel – Lion
  • Michael Shannon – Nocturnal Animals

Who will win: Mahershala Ali – Moonlight

Who should win: Mahershala Ali – Moonlight


Best Supporting Actress

  • Viola Davis – Fences (Won)
  • Noamie Harris – Moonlight
  • Nicole Kidman – Lion
  • Octavia Spencer – Hidden Figures
  • Michelle Williams – Manchester By The Sea

Who will win: Viola Davis – Fences

Who should win: Viola Davis – Fences


Best Original Screenplay

  • Hell or High Water
  • La La Land
  • The Lobster
  • Manchester By The Sea (Won)
  • 20th Century Women

What will win: La La Land

What should win: La La Land


Best Adapted Screenplay

  • Arrival
  • Fences
  • Hidden Figures
  • Lion
  • Moonlight (Won)

What will win: Moonlight

What should win: Arrival


Best Film Editing

  • Arrival
  • Hacksaw Ridge (Won)
  • Hell or High Water
  • La La Land
  • Moonlight

What will win: La La Land

What should win: Hacksaw Ridge,  just because its battle scenes were very hard to film well, let alone edit