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Doctors is also known as Doctor Crush. This drama covers quite a fair bit of medical terms, which are explained but not covered by subtitles if you are reading from one. You might want to have Google ready to search these terms if you are curious about it.

Quick Introduction

Park Shin Hye who plays the main lead, Yoo Hye Jung is a lawless high school student with a rough past. However, she lives her life aimlessly until she meets her teacher (who is actually a certified doctor) Hong Ji Hong (Kim Rae Won). They both develop a close relationship, much to the jealousy of Jin Seo Woo (Lee Sung Kyung). Things happen and they are forced to part.

13 years later they reunite, and together, both Ji Hong and Hye Jung restart their lives.

Hye Jung and Ji Hong during their schooling days.


Storyline – 7/10

It was a really fun drama to watch with all the banter here and there. The relationship between Ji Hong and Hye Jung started very early on, so it felt natural and not rushed. Their relationship was developed at a good pace with adequate character development for the supporting cast. I really liked how their lives were integrated with the people in the hospital instead of just revolving just among the two of them. It felt much warmer to watch. I especially liked the part where Jung Pa Ran (played by Lee Seon Ho) and Jo In Joo (played by Yoo Da In) barged into Jung Yoon Do’s (played by Yoon Kyun Sang) house every day and treated it as their own.

Plot-wise it really isn’t that strong as it was quite faded out into the last few episodes. Quite a few loopholes but they are somewhat more acceptable.

However, the main takeaway of this drama is more on the journey of the characters in this show. How patients struggled and had the courage to overcome their obstacles; how Seo Woo grew to be more conscious of others and less selfish; how Hye Jung overcame her past to be happy with Ji Hong etc.. It was a very fulfilling drama to watch even though the plot wasn’t that great. I can say that this drama really brings out the human in us.

Acting – 9.5/10

Superb chemistry between our two leads, Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Won despite their 9 year age gap. They really make you feel as if they were made for each other from the start. Kim Rae Won gave out a very fitting warm and fuzzy yet cool and mature vibe for Hong Ji Hong while Park Shin Hye gave a strong and hot-headed but still-maturing character for Yoo Hye Jung.

Yoon Kyun Sang did an especially good job in portraying Jung Yoon Do, a calm and strict yet comedic and cute doctor. I would have loved to see Seo Woo and Yoon Do love line just because they look so good together. Speaking of which, Lee Sung Kyun’s portrayal of Seo Woo was impressive as well.

I won’t go into the details for each and every character but, rest assured that all the support casts did very well. The only reason why this section did not score a full 10 was because I felt that some parts of the acting, mainly between Seo Woo’s dad, Jin Myung Hoon, and her grandfather, Jin Sung Jong was too excessive and seemed a little fake.

Having some banter in the residents’ call room

OST – 8/10

Wished there were more tracks. However, they used the tracks very well in the drama. My favorite song in the album is Sunflower by Younha. You can listen to the full album here.

Overall – 8.5/10

I especially liked operating room scenes. I think it helps in creating the “medical drama” atmosphere although it may be disturbing to some. I love medical dramas now.

If there’s anything I would change in this drama, it would be to end Hye Jung’s revenge earlier and focus on developing Ji Hong and her relationship further or together with the hospital staff. While I understand there may be limitations to how much they can do, I feel that most dramas miss out on what viewers want. “We want to know what comes after a happy ending” or “We want to see more of that happy ending” and so on. It doesn’t necessarily have to end with a romantic scene like a wedding or proposal but rather something that they would do as couples. Give us some slices of their lives as a couple and we’ll be very satisfied.

That being said, if you can’t stand overly sappy drama, this isn’t for you.

Hope you’ll enjoy watching Doctors as much as I did!