It is that time of the year again and as 2016 is about to come to a close…


2017 has just begun and I am unforgivably late to the party with this list. Suffice to say, it is better late than never so I would like to take this glorious opportunity to list down my Top 10 Movies of 2016 which I found most enjoyable and give you a rundown of what happened, what is going to happen and what will happen in the world of motion picture entertainment.

In short, 2016 has been an atrocious year for film with abominations such as the female-casted reboot of Ghostbusters, the Independence Day sequel and even the unsolicited remake of Ben-Hur. To make matters worse, while Marvel continues to blaze the trail in the superhero genre with the welcomed additions of Captain America: Civil War and Doctor Strange to their ‘Phase Three’ line-up, both the DC blockbusters (Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad) which were meant to kick-start the era of the DCEU (DC Extended Universe), were universally panned by critics and fans, marking a step backwards for the company and arguably for the fans as well.

Moving forward, 2017 is shaping up to be an eventful year for movies – some notable highlights being Star Wars: Episode VIII which is the continuation of the episodic Star Wars saga, the sequel to Ridley Scott’s Prometheus (2012), Alien: Covenant, and an abundance of comic book films for the superhero aficionados to dive into. There will be no shortage of summer blockbusters as well with Christopher Nolan’s World War II epic Dunkirk headlining the season. And finally, the award contenders will expectantly make their appearances towards the end of the year.

But before we jump into the countdown, I would just like to note that this is strictly based on my opinion and what I saw in 2016. Do not be too upset if you fail to see your favourite film of 2016 in this list.

A non-exhaustive list of noteworthy movies which I have yet to catch because it wasn’t released in Singapore in 2016 include: Manchester by the Sea, Hell or High Water, Moonlight, Jackie, Silence, Arrival.

Also, due to some pictures which were released in 2015 in USA and elsewhere but only released in Singapore in 2016, I will include them anyway lest the list is too short.

If you haven’t watched any of these films yet, I of course highly recommend you do so.


10) Your Name

I feel as if the idea of inception and dreaming is oversold in this one but nevertheless, Your Name has a great, complex storytelling experience which is executed in a unique way. It is ultimately a romantic narrative told through the lens of a body-swapping phenomenon which was very special because we don’t get many animation films like that anymore and I thought it was a truly touching adventure.

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9) Train to Busan

Nothing more can be said about this because Train to Busan is just an ordinary zombie movie with a good plot which manages to implement the aspect of thrill and suspense throughout most of the movie. I am quite sure most of us, if not all of us can appreciate the nail biting sensation of a good story and Train to Busan thrives on that.

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8) Captain America: Civil War

We have always been witnessing our favourite heroes up against other supervillains so it was refreshing and exciting to see the complete opposite of that. Dubbed as the ‘Avengers 2.5’ due its extensive roster, Captain America: Civil War still manages to balance out the roles of major and minor characters to make sure everyone was important in the battle. I have my criticisms of the depth of its storytelling but it is still an overall incredibly fun time.

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7) Conjuring 2

While both innovative and clichéd scare tactics are aplenty, the ghost story is never compromised and that is the best part about Conjuring 2, James Wan proves once again that he is the master of old school horror in the modern day, ’nuff said.