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D.va is, in my opinion, not the best tank due to her limited utility to soak up damage over extended period of time. What she makes up of this lacking is her mobility as she can use her boosters to position herself during team fights or soaking up critical damage for team mates. Her ultimate, self-destruct is also an important displacement tool when it comes to removing enemies on points or objectives.

All in all, D.va makes a generally useful member on most maps due to her ability to shift in and out of battles to constantly able to position herself better in fights or make a quick escape while awaiting back-ups. Her defence matrix utility can prove to be a useful assets when dealing with enemies’ ultimate such as Pharaoh’s Barrage and Roadhog’s Wholehog. If played well, her ultimate can be the deciding winner to clear points and/or enemies on it especially during overtime.

 D.va Statistics

Meka Mode:

Fusion cannons: 168 damage per second (if all hit)

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Fusion Cannons

Defence Matrix: 4 second of blocking, 1 second cool down

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Defence Matrix

Boosters: 2 seconds boost, 5 second cool down

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D.va boosting in the air

Ultimate-Self destruct: Does 1000 damage across a 20m radius with a 3 second delay

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Boom time with Self-destruct

Cute bunny human mode:

Light gun: 98 damage per second

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Your focus should be on the light gun

Call Mech: Call down a new Meka with a 2 second delay


General gameplay

D.va’s boosters enables her to move around short distances across the map easily. This allows for a quick get-away or chasing down low health enemies. Flanking with team mates such as Reaper is also a viable option as you can boost into tight corners and rooms to get into the back line to harass enemies’ supports while your Defence Matrix elevates flanking team mates survival by soaking damage.

On the frontline especially on attacking mode, your Defence Matrix soaks up crucial damages while offensive team mates such as Soldier 76 can shoot behind safety to dispatch enemy defences such as Bastion.

Attacking as D.va

D.va can be a generally well modelled tank on attacking maps. As said previously, her Defence Matrix is an important asset to pushing and clearing objectives as it provides your offensive team mates a cover to shoot behind to take out sentries and Bastion. The 1 second cool down on your Defence Matrix meant that you will be able to constantly help your team push through tough defences and allow your other tanks to take a short breather to recharge; such as Reinhart to recharge his shield. I would, in my opinion advise new players to stick close to their team instead of pushing solo as firstly, D.va has a huge hit box therefore making her easily the damage mule of the team. Sticking close to your supports allows players to stay in Meka form longer and help with the offensive push. Secondly, your mobility plus your Defence Matrix combines well with flanking team mates such as Reaper and Soldier 76 as you are able to block crucial damages for them and also have the capacity to keep up with them.

Players should also set lower expectations for your ultimate. Although D.va’s ultimate has the capacity to team wipe, it seldom occurs. This is partly due to the 3 second delay of her ultimate which gives enemies time to react to this. A well time transcendence from Zenyatta or Reinhart’s shield will easily counter your ultimate. Therefore, players should instead use her ultimate to displace enemies off the point. The initial displacement will allow your team mates to pick off supports and capture the point for a few seconds. This works particularly well on overtime counters as your team will get the precious few seconds to group up on the point to capture it. Therefore, time your ultimate well, preferably when the enemy’s Reinhart or Zenyatta is down. Be advise that your ultimate can be charged at by Reinhart or hooked by Roadhog, nulling it’s destructive powers.

Defending as D.va

D.va defending strategy is similar to her attacking style but here, her mobility plays an even more impactful role. Using your boosters, especially on Temple of Anubis,  you can knock of perched Widow Makers and be a general distraction for their backline. Your ultimate can also buy precious seconds for your team mates to respawn and head back to the fight. Take note of the location of the health packs scattered on the maps as while defending, you can easily boost to the various health packs to increase your longevity and reduce your reliance on your supports. As defending, your primary role would be to shield your defences from enemies fire and ultimates using your Defence Matrix, giving more space for your defences to set up and less concerns of flanking enemies.

While playing as a defending D.va, it is common for you to be targeted by enemies therefore the duration of your Meka will be naturally shorter. However, even in “baby D.va” mode (affectionately known), you will be able to regain your Meka very quickly as your light gun does 7 rounds per second so aim it regularly at enemies, tanks preferably. Furthermore, since you are defending, you have the luxury of waiting for the enemy to come to you, thus allowing you to shoot behind the cover of your team mates while charging up your Call Mech.

Enemies to be wary of as D.va

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Mei’s ice gun is one thing your Defence Matrix cannot block against. A head on fight with her plus your bulky Meka will definitely render you frozen and an easy picking. Thus, avoid a one on one battle with her as you are definitely at the losing end of the stick.

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Hot Russian blood and your cutesy Korean aegyo definitely doesn’t bode well together. Similar to Mei, your Defense Matrix is unable to block against her gun thus avoid confrontation with her as she will easily chip away at your Meka.

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Watch your back for this classic tank killer as he will definitely make mince meat out of your Meka. Stay close to your team mates to avoid getting flanked by him.

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Road hog

Watch out for Road hog’s hook as given your size, you are an easy target for a flying hook. Your Defence Matrix is also unable to block his hook and once you are hooked, most often than not, you are greeted by many other enemy offensives that will cost you your Meka.

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Look out for Symmetra’s sneaky turrets that will grind up your Meka easily. Always be on a look out for over arching turrets and be quick to dispatch her turrets.


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D.va is generally speaking easy tank to pick up; although certain elements of her makes her less  tanky than the other tanks, she makes up with her mobility to support and tank for front moving offensive to claim objectives. Positioning is an important aspect when playing D.va as your Defence Matrix can play a crucial role for clearing up defence nest your enemies set up such as turrets and Bastion. Hence, coordinate attacks with your team mates and with a well timed self-destruct, your team will stand a better chance of winning.