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Pirates. Mercenaries. Jungle. Two villains with missing screws. The ultimate recipe for a holiday disaster gone horribly well but for Jason Brody, it’s a new start to an amazing journey of self discovery and tough choices. Far Cry 3 definitely managed to brilliantly create an immersive environment where players are able to actually play the character while still aptly capture the quintessential plot development necessary to make the game worthwhile to play. Call me a Far Cry 3 fan boy now but this game is nothing but praiseworthy.


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Far cry 3 sets in a fictional Indo-pacific small archipelago inhabited by the indigenous Rakyats which sadly have been enslaved by a global human trafficking syndicate; manned by a ruthless pirate ring. You play as Jason Brody, a deranged individual trekking through the jungle to save his friends from their pirate captors after a sky diving went south. Witnessing his brother’s death under the hands of Vaas – the pirates’ boss, he bore a deep grudge against Vaas and his misfits; as well as Hoyt- Vaas’ boss. As you begin on your solo adventure on the islands, you join in the ranks of the Rakyat rebel forces to resist against the evils on the islands.


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Far Cry 3 has a decent set of mechanics where players are entitled to a certain degree of freedom to don up their character to suit their playing style. A sniper/bow set up for the stealthy ones, or heavy guns for the Rambos. There is definitely a set up for you to enjoy this game. This game also saves the hassle for needless in-game currency farming as guns can be unlocked with adequate radio towers captured. Hitting two birds with one stones, you not only unlock more areas on the maps but get free weapons too. Crafting is also an interesting and strangely enjoyable feature as it adds a mild challenge to the game where expendables such as health syringes have to be crafted using plants found all over the map. Weapon and ammunition holsters also have to be crafted but with relative ease due to the abundance of resources in the game. As a reprieve to those lazy players, crafting is not a compulsory do or die mechanic as without crafting, players will still be able to play the game with relative ease (I hardly crafted anything in my playthrough). Skill tree within the game also allows players to better suit their playing needs. The three branches: Heron, Shark and Spider each has a skill set that portray a unique playing style. Of course towards the end of the game, players will naturally progress through the three branches and these skills aid in making the game a smoother journey with quick takedowns and massive heals without health syringes.


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Stealth is definitely a much needed asset in many of missions. With a limited supply of ammunitions and health syringes and facing a horde of pirates, you need to ensure you do not f**k up or end up in a stand off which you will ultimately regret. The game allows players to tag enemies with their weapons or camera and this allows you to see the movement of your foes. Not only do you see their movement, you see what class of enemy they are – whether is it a sniper or a heavy. All these information will be crucial to your planning for a stealthy take down on a pirate nest, saving you from a ugly encounter with a surprised enemy.

There isn’t much to complain about this game; akin to squeezing water out from a rock, the only issue I had was that the AI provide less of a challenge that anticipated. A classic crouch hide would settle conflicts easily, leaving dumbfounded idiots wondering where’d you go. I would personally prefer a stronger and intelligent AI so as to boost the realism of this already immersive game experience.

Image result for far cry 3All in all, Far cry 3 has been a great delight from start to finish. This game deserves every star in the night sky and I urge anyone to purchase this magnificent bastard.