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Holy sh*t. I can’t give a more fitting response after playing this game. A stunning spectacle of space battle intensified by blood racing soundtracks takes you out of your chair and smack you right in the cockpit as a space dogfighter. This game is the reincarnation of Gundam and Star Wars after much love making and bathed in the holy nectar of Elite thereafter sent to Korea for major reconstruction. An aesthetically vibrant visual with solid game mechanics unwrapping a slightly mundane plot.

Strike Suit: Zero is created by Born Ready Studios (certainly born ready for this) and started out as a Kick Starter with a drive goal of $100 000 which was finally raised on 2nd November 2012. A humble beginning for a game with a huge potential to stir up new players in the space combat genre. Its space fighter you pilot in-game is designed by Junji Okubo, man behind the works of Steel Battalion and Appleseed: Ex Machina and blood pumping soundtrack from Paul Ruskay.

In a galaxy not so far away… still in Milky Way

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You play as a pilot in the United Nations of Earth and you are given the new state of the art ship, the Strike Suit – an integrated space fighter with the ability to change from a traditional space fighter to a “Gundam” like Mecha in a matter of seconds. Brings out the heart of any Gundam fans in a whim. The battle you fight is between the colonial space forces and Earth and as you start, Earth is on the brink of destruction and losing the war. The only way is to turn the tides is to venture into the fog of war and strike in the heart of the enemy forces. Impressively, the game plot is non-linear and players’ actions affects the portrayal of the overall story.


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The game provides three fighter types for players to choose – Interceptor, Strike Suit and Bomber. Before each flight, players are able to customize their fighter with different guns and missiles. What so satisfying in game is the ability to lock on to different targets and firing all your missiles at once. Seeing your missiles hone into different directions is like eye orgasm, a stunning visual despite the heat of battle. Hitting space bar transforms your fighter into a Strike Suit which players are now able to traverse at ease in all directions. Strike Suit also packs a punch with similar but a lot more missiles to lock on and fire at once. Kind of overpowered in small scale fights. The Strike Suit only last as long as the charge meter readings which is depleted with every attack made by the player. Players can charge up the meter whilst dealing damage in the traditional fighter. Controls bodes well with keyboard although a bit wonky with the controller with some controls not working well or at all.

Eagle one down

This game can be pretty harsh on players especially in a couple of missions where you go from having fun to hair tearing frustration. The game also have little or no checkpoints so every defeat is a painful setbacks. So set out with an iron heart and try your best not to f*ck up.

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Overall, I give this game 4/5 as it is a visually appealing game with the mechanics that brings out the fun in a once forgotten space combat genre. Give this a go if you are a fan of space battle or trying out a new genre of games.